Human Life Value (HLV) – Calculator

Human Life Value Calculator is a simple on-line calculator to help you to find out the Insurance Coverage required for a person.

Why Human Life Value Calculator is important in assessing insurance need?

Many a times, while considering about purchasing a new insurance policy, some questions naturally come to our mind.

  • Do I require another Insurance policy?
  • Am I adequately insured?
  • How much more Insurance I may require? etc.

Amount of Insurance coverage required is calculated based on the amount required to replace your current income, if something unfortunate happens in between. Thus the amount of insurance required varies depending on various parameters like Age, Income, Retirement age,prevailing interest rate etc. A widely accepted method of calculating the insurance required is based on the concept of Human Life value, developed by Dr. S.S Huebner.
A Human Life Value (HLV) calculator which can guide you to understand, insurance coverage required is provided here.

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Anish L J

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Anish L J
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